Monday, December 26, 2016

Manic Boxing Day--Son of Whom, Now?

Well, lookie who's dressed up as Santa!

And he's not just Daimon Hellstrom or Hellstorm of whatever...

Man, it's been awhile since they've used that "Son Of Satan"moniker, hasn't it?

Daimon started out as Son Of Satan, of course, but at some point Marvel decided that that was a little too taboo or them, and started a series of retcons/revelations that Daimon (and his sister, Satanna) were really the offspring of some other, more minor lord of Hell. (Satannish? Really? "He's not actually Stan, he's just a little bit Satannish!")

So ever since, you'd be hard pressed to find a reference to him as Son Of Satan. But, at least for the purposes of the Power Man And Iron Fist: Sweet Christmas Annual #1 (2017), Satan is back, baby!!

And remember--this means that Disney owns Satan. Where's our animated feature, guys?

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Smurfswacker said...

Your typo may have accidentally hit on the truth. "He's not really STAN..."

Do we know that for absolutely sure?