Thursday, December 8, 2016

75 Year Old Captain Marvel Is Better Than No Captain Marvel?!?

Good news, people!

Ye Olde Tyme movie folks at Kino Lorber announced that the 1941 serial The Adventures Of Captain Marvel will be coming to home video soon.

Here's a better poster:

Should be great cheesy fun.

I wonder how they'll get around the trademark issue, as Marvel/Disney have to be all mobbed up lawyered up to protect their Captain Marvel movie.

But the real question is: Hey, DC, are you embarrassed? Because it sure looks like a niche home video marketer will be putting out more Captain Marvel material than you will in 2017.

Oh, sure, you've got your Shazam movie theoretically scheduled for 2019, but with only the villain cast, and no director or writers or other actors attached. And the way DC/WB seems to lurch about changing direction after each film they release, who knows even if that vague plan will hold?

What about comic books, then? Gee, ever since Geoff Johns' "reinvention" of the concept, literally no one at DC has shown the least interest in doing anything with it. Even with a "rebirth" to fix things if needed, Captain Marvel & Family seem to be on the burner behind the back burner.

To summarize: if you want adventures of the Big Red Cheese, the people who actually have the rights to give you new stuff won't give you anything. You've got to rely on other companies to clean up & release public domain materials.


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Warren JB said...

"You've got to rely on other companies to clean up & release public domain materials."

Depends if they stick to region 1 or not, or decide to go region 0. :(

Also, now we know where that hack plagiarist HR Giger got his ideas....