Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Real Reason Batman Needed A Robin!!

Something you probably wouldn't see happen in the 21st century:


Batman--Mr. I Can Beat Anybody With 5 Minutes To Prepare, Mr. I'm So Cool I Have Plans To Kill All My Friends Just In Case, Mr. I Can Take Down Darkseid...

Batman got lost and had to stop and ask for directions?!?!?

That's why he needed Robin--he needed a navigator!

From Detective Comics #37 (1940)


SallyP said...


Oh, and someone to wash the car.

Brian said...

Lost his way...or wiped his own mind as a special defense against his enemies being able to deduce his plans?

Simon Dyer said...

This is always fun to show to the "Batman was so badass before Robin/Adam West/fun came along and ruined everything" crowd.

Warren JB said...

If there are screams coming from that lonely, dark, backwoods house already, what's going to happen when they answer the door to a huge nut in a crude bat costume?