Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Job For A New Year?

Thinking up a new job for the new year?

Allow me to recommend...

Seriously, I mean, "hand shadows" or "shadow puppets" or what have you are cool and all, but...

OMG you can make a monkey riding a giraffe? I am soooo on board now?

But animals are one thing. Can you do people?

Well, as David Bowie said, "Do you remember your President Nixon?":


But how do I make money out of this amazing skill?

Well, there are enough weasel words in there--"can," "may be"--to protect themselves from lawsuits.

Yet the fact that "there are only a few hand-shadow entertainers in America" might be a truer indication of your earning potential, because if this really were a lucrative opportunity, people would have moved in to fill the void, right?

Still, there "is room for hundreds"!! So next year, look for me at U.S.O. shows and theatrical affairs, as I ply my new trade!!

Ad from From Beyond The Unknown #9 (1971)

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