Monday, December 19, 2016

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--When The Crime Is The Worst Option!!

Sometimes, villains are bone stupid.

Of course they are--if they were smart, they wouldn't be criminals in the first place!!

But sometimes, megalomaniacs turn to ridiculous crime schemes when they could make far, far more money by being capitalists rather than criminals.

For example, one day at NORAD...

 Now, you and I have seen enough Warner Brothers cartoons to know not to press the red button that says "PRESS ME."

But sadly, that most basic bit of security was obviously never part of the training of NORAD personnel...

Now, as master plans go, sending the Ani-Men in to take over NORAD so you can control the U.S. nuclear arsenal isn't too bad.

Then again, given that you've apparently perfected teleportation, why go all Dr. Evil here, Count Nefaria? Why not patent that technology, and get freaking rich licensing it to transport companies or travel agencies? Hell, the U.S. military and intelligence agencies would be more than willing to pay you billions for the use of that tech! And if you got other nations involved in the bidding war...well, holding the world for ransom while having to fight the X-Men is easily the least profitable and most problematic choice you could make there, right?

I just saying, hire a good lawyer, and sell that tech. Get rich legally. Retire. Stop doing stuff the hard way!

From X-Men #94 (1975)

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