Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Slay Monstrobot's Holiday Gift To Our Readers!

Look, we really don't need an explanation here--it's just a runaway circus elephant vs two crooks in a tractor! 


You're welcome.

From Treasure Chest Of Fun And Fact Vol 14 #9 (a.k.a. #255) (1959)


Bill said...

That is an elephant that was drawn with love

Paul Smith said...

Pow! Clang! Zing! HRRRMFFF! all the one panel with only one battle going on. It's hard to improve on that.

Warren JB said...

Elephant? It's a freakin' mammoth...

But, I can't disagree with Bill. It's a pleasure to see an artist in an old-timey comic (or any comic) who knows what an elephant looks like. Especially if they draw it fighting a bulldozer.