Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You're Not In Good Hands In The Marvel Universe!

Many of us have wondered how, with all the wanton destruction and such, insurance works in the Marvel Universe.

It doesn't, it seems.

We're at one of those points where Hulk has Bruce Banner's mind. He receives a presidential pardon, and is welcomed as a hero:

Reagan: soft on crime!

Ah, but not everyone believes the Hulk should be forgiven:

So why did the guy take a pop at America's newest hero? Banner goes to the jail to ask him...

Well, that'll happen.

But that's why you have insurance, right?

The moral: insurance companies suck.

But, apparently, so does the Marvel-616 FEMA...

OK, I think you have to take the rap for the drinking and family leaving yourself, bro.

SPOILER ALERT:  Banner hires Matt Murdock to defend the guy and asks for leniency, so the DA drops the charges. The Hulk rebuilds Hadleyville. All is happiness and joy.

And then 3 issues later, thanks to the mechanizations of Nightmare, savage Hulk is back in control, and it's back to insurance companies not settling:

I'd love to see some of the insurance commercials in this universe...

From Incredible Hulk #293 & #297 (1984)

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