Sunday, November 22, 2015

Never Smile At A Crocodile (Man)!

Peter Dooley, famous biologist, has hired Greg Knight, famous hunter and explorer, to help him find the spot deep in the jungle with the greatest treasure of all:

Well, that shouldn't be a problem, right?

Wait--since when do crocodiles scream?

Fortunately, Greg's girlfriend is Lorna, Queen Of The Jungle. And she's been secretly tagging along. So rescue time!


Poor Peter is captured!!

Wait a minute!! Since when do crocodiles "capture" people? And tie them up? And walk upright?!?

Well, Lorna's never been one to stand around in confusion, so...

(Greg is useless..)


It's time for one of those patented One-Panel-Explains-It-All-Expositions!!

OK, that's a pretty cool way to travel!!

He's probably still out there, hoarding his orchids, which probably contain the secret to curing cancer or lupus or even the fever that killed your wife. Get over it, Crocodile Man!!

From Lorna, Queen Of The Jungle #2 (1953)

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SF said...

Wait. He was all ready to sacrifice them to the gators, but after she stopped him, his sad story one them over? It's okay to feed people to gators if your backstory is tragic enough?