Monday, November 9, 2015

Manic Monday--Reminder, The Punisher Sucks!

You know, I haven't dissed on the Punisher in quite a while. I must be slipping!

So here is a long overdue reminder, especially to those who think that the Punisher is super-cool and his "one-man war on crime" is the bee's knees and all that:

In his very first appearance, the Punisher was an idiot who was duped into working for a super-villain and came very near to killing an innocent man, namely Spider-Man.

That's why real heroes don't kill, don't play judge-jury-and-executioner--sometimes you get the wrong guy. And if you kill the wrong guy, well, you really can't walk that back.

And that 's why those Death Wish lovin' diehard Punisher fans who insist that Frank Castle would never, even accidentally or by some collateral damage, kill an innocent man...well, he almost did in his very first appearance. So get over it.

That's why the best use for the Punisher... to show Spider-Man beating the crap out of him.

Mission accomplished.

From Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1974)


Michael May said...

A thousand times, "Yes!"

Green Luthor said...

Not only did the Punisher get duped into working for a supervillain, he got duped into working for a supervillain named "The Jackal". Really, Frank, your first clue that this guy was the villain should have been the fact that he calls himself "The Jackal". That's not a name one usually associates with the good guy, y'know? (That costume ain't helping matters, either.)

Unknown said...

Punisher is amazing and incredible and fights for innocence and justice you hate him because you don't know or understand him and also wow going off the first comic we can put a lot of hero's to shame for instance Thor if he lost his hammer he'd be human and spiderman is not innocent in fact nether is hulk Thor iron man wolverine and many many others compared to them punisher is a saint because he protects innocence and the others if some tries to kill a villain they would protect them even though the villains constantly kills hundreds of innocents