Thursday, November 5, 2015

Superboy's Guide To Spotting Evil Doppelgangers!!

You know, navigating your way through an alternate universe can be a tricky thing--what's different? What's the same? Are my friends still my friends here?

Unless you're Superboy. Then it's a snap!!

Earlier this week we discussed how a sun going nova hurled young Kal-El across the multiverse.

But Superboy hasn't realized that yet, as, in his Clark Kent guise, he joins the rest of town in welcoming some visiting members of the Legion Of Super-Heroes!

Still, something seems amiss...

And when they join Clark in his high school classroom...

Well, Superboy thinks super-fast. And as you'll recall, he quickly doped out that this was an alternate world, because Earth-H can't spell gud:

But there's one more clue...

You now have all the clues Superboy had...

...can you tell how he figured put that the visitors from the future were really villains? Can you?!?

Well, eventually this Earth's Superboy showed up, and helped our Superboy put a kibosh on the "Legionnaires."

But he has the same question...

You better sit down for this...

Wow. There are about 18 leaps of logic and reasoning there. Maybe this dimension's Legion has a different constitution? Not saluting a flag means you hate it? Etc?

But hey, he's Superboy. Dude's never wrong.

So remember--if you're not sure whether some visitor in your life is an evil doppelganger...just wait to see if they screw-up some teensy and never-ever used again rule of etiquette. Then you'll know!!

From Superboy #117 (1964)

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