Friday, November 20, 2015

The Justice Society Goes To War--The Final Chapter?!?

All morning long we've seen how, right after Pearl Harbor, the members of the JSA enlisted in the military in their civilian identities (except for Spectre, because "ghosts can't enlist.").

And we've also seen that, in every case, they didn't stay in their civilian identities for long, because war is indeed hell, and super-heroes can't resist super-heroing when they're needed.

And so the members of the JSA have sunk ships, shot down planes, taken out tank battalions, captured entire islands, caught saboteurs, rescued's been a busy morning.

But, despite all those victories, it turns out that all of that super-hero participation in war is a BAD THING!!


Yes, "high-ranking commanders" actually come to blows over whose unit has the best super-hero. Because all upper Army officers are 7 year old boys.


So the "top" commanding officer of the Army has Johnny Thunder summon all of the Justice Society memebers:

"Disrupting?!?!" They're saving your army, fool!!

Ahh...they're "too good." So the solution isn't to discipline your dumb-ass commanders, but to ground the freaking super-heroes?!?!?! I'm not sure all the grunts whose lives are being saved would agree that the JSA are "too good" to have around...

Yes, "pride and loyalty" is a terrible thing in military service...


And you thought Roy Thomas was just making that shit up...

Of course, they agree...why maximize your resources by spreading them out, when you can lump them together (and let 7 other divisions go without), just because some of your commanders got into a brawl over who was the best super-hero?

Still, one good thing happens:

And then the "top commander" proves himself the biggest hypocrite of all:

Jackass. Good answer, Hawkman...but jackass.

From All-Star Comics #11 (1942)

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