Monday, November 30, 2015

Manic Monday Bonus--The Wealthy Scientists Of Suburbia!!

The Fantastic Four are visiting Reed's scientist buddy Randolph...

Randolph has a lab in his house in the suburbs, because, well, because. He was getting Reed's help with his prototype "evolutionary accelerator," because that always works out so well.

See? Picket fence and everything!!
But you what else the suburbs have?

Roving biker gangs who go around beating up scientists for their money!!

Which is, well, kind of odd. But hey, Marvel Universe, right?

Anyway, they beat the stuffing out of Randolph (off-screen, thank heavens)...

And how does that work out for you, Randolph?

Dude--evolve some pants!!


Because biker gangs who stalk suburbia shaking down scientists for money always come back to the scene of their assault/possible murder even though they didn't get one red cent the first time!

That's a bad idea for them:

So, for you gentle readers who live in suburbia, be careful--you neighbor might be a scientist with a lab full of highly dangerous equipment.

Also, be careful about killing any mice who have wandered into your house. They might really be devolved biker gang members...

From Fantastic Four #215 (1980)


Mista Whiskas said...

Byrne, right?

snell said...

Byrne art, script & story by Marv Wolfman.

Mista Whiskas said...

Thanks, I thought it was a bit hokey for a Byrne plot (and I say that as something of a fan of a lot of Wolfman's work), so knowing it wasn't his is nice.