Friday, November 20, 2015

The Justice Society Goes To War--Chapter 3!!

The day after Pearl Harbor, all the members of the Justice Society enlist in their civilian identities. Except the Spectre, because "ghosts can't enlist." Lousy 4-F ghosts, making time with our women...

So what happens when you put the most powerful people in the world in combat in the Pacific?

Kent Nelson is a paratrooper...

But he's not going to sit the and get shot at!

But he doesn't just sit around waving his hands and mutter spells...




Even Dr. Midnight is in on the action, as Charles McNider serves as medical specialist (he's the only one who can complete the dead Dr. Benson's work on a "tropical disease serum").

No surprise, though, when he's called upon to do more:

Meanwhile, Ted Grant is a bomber pilot...but you know that's not going to last for long!

Yes...Starman single-handedly captured Formosa!!

meanwhile, Johnny Thunder is in the Navy...but he's kind of a screw-up, and he's being given "keep him away from anything important" assignments.

Until he stumble upon some sabotage...

Then he accidentally gets into a plane, accidentally takes off, and, well, accidentally manages to shoot down all the enemy!

But do you know what? Despite all of these amazing triumphs, it turns out that having super-heroes in the military--is a BAD thing!?!

Why? Tune in later this morning!!

From All-Star Comics #11 (1942)

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