Monday, November 16, 2015

Manic Monday--The Sensational Character Find of 2015!!

In last week's Spider-Gwen #2, we met Earth-65's Captain America:

 Yeah, see, things were a little different in that universe, even back in the 1940s:

So Samantha Wilson became...

But wait...this Cap wasn't trapped in an iceberg! No...

But's cooler than just a dimension of Nazi werewolves!

See it's all spelled out on the OHTMU page they kindly provide:

Let me blow up the key paragraph for you:

The black, female Captain America wandered parallel dimensions for 75 years!! Traveling form world to world, fighting injustice and evil...

I'm sorry, but that is THE BEST CONCEPT EVER.

Seriously, Marvel, if you were to publish a book with Cap-65, chronicling her time trapped on the "space-time highway," I would buy the living hell out of that book, and travel from comic shoppe to comic shoppe across the land, convincing people to buy it.

Oh, and the Falcon is a male clone of Samantha, so there's that.

Seriously, Marvel--make this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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