Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Night Fights--Looney Tunes Style!!

Tonight's Friday Night Fights will feature someone who has never appeared on my blog before...

Who dat?

Yes, his cape allows him to fly...but the rest of his wardrobe is somewhat lacking...

Put on a shirt, bro!!

And for the record, that guy with a spork for a right hand? That's the Beast, the Eagle's arch-enemy/foreign agent/all-around dickweed.

And don't mock the spork:

OK, OK, it's not a spork. It's an "iron claw."  No, I don't know why he has an iron claw instead of a hand.

But it is a damned effective weapon:

He also uses poisoned blow darts to kill people, because evil.

So, anyway, our fight...a scientist developed a chemical weapon that could blind everyone on a battlefield. So, naturally, the Beast steals it, and most of the gangsters/spies in town are also after it.

After the Beast wipes out most of the opposition, the Eagle and Buddy move in...but they had better be careful, because this beast is harder to kill than Wile E. Coyote!!

Well, that means the fight's over, right? So...


Well, that's a wrap then, right? Eagle wins--

Oh, wait...

Well, that's certainly it, right? No way the Beast is coming back from that--

Oh, come on now!!

HOLY CRAP, he just got smacked upside the head with an anvil!! 

He no doubt survived that, right?


Man, they played for keeps in the Golden Age!!

Spacebooger eagerly awaits DC reviving The Beast in Forever Evil 2: The Spork Of Evil!

Cartoony fight courtesy of Weird Comics #15 (1941). The only credit we have is "Louis Cazeneuve?" on pencils and inks.

Now is the time to go and vote for my fight. Why? Well, really, you shouldn't. It's a very silly fight. But go vote for somebody, OK?


SallyP said...

Am I a bad person for totally rooting for Captain Sporkhand?

Anonymous said...

Not much difference between him and the Eagle, is there?