Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Lois Lane Guide To Staying Awake!!

Sometimes Superman isn't terribly smart...

Yeah, what possible harm could come from leaving an unknown alien artifact loose on Earth?

Especially when Perry's a total klutz!

Later, when Perry proves that he's a real newspaperman by falling asleep during a political speech:


As we saw earlier this morning, those aliens did manage to take over Jimmy, too!

So how does Lois manage to stay awake (and free)? First, she has to pull an all-nighter:

And the she overhears a sinister plan:

Well, Superman's gone from Earth for the next ten days. So Lois must, on her own, face:

Sadly, Lois didn't hear the part where the aliens say you have to be wearing the gem when you fall asleep to be taken over, so she never thinks to take the damn thing off.

She has some ways to stay awake, though... slapping...

...and slurping...

...and Netflix...

...and wacky tricks...

...and excruciating tooth pain...

...and a non-Cosmic treadmill!

The evil aliens are getting impatient, so possessed-Jimmy slips Lois a rufie!!

But evil aliens have never seen Bugs Bunny cartoons!

Finally, on day 10, the aliens come up with the ultimate plan:


Works every time!

Ah, but then Superman shows up, and destroys the gem shards (yes, I know, it woulds seem that he's killing the intelligences inside them. Shhhh....)

And Lois didn't turn, because earlier that day a reformed pickpocket she was doing a story on swiped her gem, to show her how good he was!!

So finally, sleepy-time for Lois!!

From Lois Lane #18 (1960), as reprinted in Superman Family #179 (1976)


wordsmith said...

A hilarious story, even if it borrowed liberally from "Invasion of the Body-Snatchers"; I LOLed when Lois passed the check off to the sleeping Jimmy/Alien.
This was also reprinted in "Showcase Presents: Superman Family #4", which came out 2 and a 1/2 years ago and is a lotta fun.

Captain Blog said...

9 days without sleep!!!!!
Is that possible?

Mista Whiskas said...

I should say a daily prayer that I didn't grow up during the Silver Age.