Friday, November 20, 2015

The Justice Society Goes To War--Chapter 2!!

The day after Pearl Harbor, the entire Justice Society of America enlisted in the military!! How did that go?

Hawkman is a pilot as Carter Hall, but when his plane is destroyed, he finds another way to serve:

OK, that's probably way cooler than smashing crooks in the face with a mace. But you ain't seen nothing yet:


Meanwhile, Diana Prince is serving as a nurse. But when pressed into action, she's no ambassador of peace:

Meanwhile, Wesley Dodds is always prepared!

Which is fortunate, because...

Al Pratt has worked his way up to sergeant in a tank brigade. But when his unit wanders into an ambush...

Golden Age science!!

But do you know what? It turns out that all these heroes fighting in our military a terrible thing!!

Why? Tune in later this morning to find out!!

From All-Star Comics #11 (1942)

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