Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Search For Spork!!

Earlier this weekend I introduced you to The Beast, The Eagle's arch-enemy. The Beast is a thief/killer/seller America's top secrets to the highest bidder type of guy. He also has an "iron claw" in place of his right hand.

Yeah, yeah, iron claw, whatever--it still looks like a spork!!

Since The Beast is the sensational new character find of 1940-1941, allow me to present what you kids today would call a "smash-cut" of the Beast sporking his foes! Enjoy!!

Yes, Buddy The Boy Daredevil gets sporked an awful lot!

Eventually, the unstoppable force of the Beast's spork meets the immovable object of Eagle smacking him down with an anvil...

Stop him? It killed him!! Oh, Golden Age...


From Weird Comics #9-#15 (1940-1941)

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