Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jim Starlin's Hirsute Hulk

It's time to update our files, as this week we learned that Jim Starlin... firmly in the "Hulk has chest hair" camp.

Of course, it may have been inker Andy Smith, or colorist Frank D'Armata, who were responsible. We'll keep you updated.

For further discussion of the crucial artist/Hulk chest hair issue, please consult this post.

From Thanos Vs. Hulk #2 (2015)


OTL said...

I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time Starlin would have drawn the Hulk (he was in "Death of Captain Marvel", if nothing else), but I'm also pretty sure he didn't give Hulk chest hair then. For whatever that's worth (i.e., nothing).

Things I never imagined I'd ever be discussing: Hulk's chest hair (or lack thereof)...

snell said...

That's why I have this blog, OTL--to bring up the topics you never thought you'd discuss!

Paul said...

Yes, but he still doesn't have nipples.

-3- said...

I'm calling inker.

The cover of FOOM #2 (Summer 1973) cleary shows Steranko's Hulk clean of body hair. Even the pits are barren.