Monday, January 5, 2015

Manic Monday--How Rich Is Popeye?

Just how rich is The Sailor Man?

Popeye refuses to give Swee'pea a dime--but it's not because he's broke!

Wha--?? Seventy-two million dollars?!?!? 

And that's in 1954 money...calculating the inflation, that's the equivalent of $630,000,000 today!!!

Still, Swee'pea needs his dime, so he goes to the town's greatest moocher for some tips...


Swee'pea comes home...but:

So how did he and Wimpy get so wealthy??

Oops...I guess I have to change the title of this post to "How Rich WAS Popeye?"

From Popeye #29 (1954), as reprinted in Classic Popeye #29 (2014)

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