Thursday, January 15, 2015

The First Identity Crisis Was Better!

Oliver Queen has just lost his fortune--because stupid--and now he's all crazy conflicted about what he should do with his life. So he does what any troubled super-hero would do--he goes to a psychiatrist who talks like Yoda!!

"A highly complex crisis, you have!"??? I bet George Lucas read this...

Ahhh, but he does identify it as an Identity Crisis...and he's not just whistling Dixie!

"ZRRRRRRRZZZZ" with green smoke pouring out is never a good sign...

Doc, I thought you said that this device was perfected?!?

Well, it's not really his fault--it turns that manifestation was caused because Green Arrow was exposed to the magic energy of the "star-being" Aquarius last issue.

And it wasn't just Ollie...

Admit it--this was a much better Identity Crisis than the one we got 10 years ago. Plus--psychiatrist who talks like Yoda!! Winnage!!

Although, c'mon green've got to do a lot more than tear up an office a little bit before you can earn the title of "evil."

From Justice League Of America #75 (1969)


Saranga said...

This is a great story!

SallyP said...

It is a great story. And the facial expressions on Ollie just sell it!