Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Washington Generals Of Super-Villain Teams

It's time to remember the lamest group of villain ever:


Electro apparently decided that since the Sinister Six worked so well, he should try to form a similar group of foes to take out Daredevil (because Spider-Man was too tough for poor Max Dillon).

And oh, what a collection of lame-os this was.

They started by having their meeting outside--in an alley--where Daredevil could just swing by and overhear their plans (and no, they're not deliberately trying to let hornhead eavesdrop as a trap...they're just stupid):

The Matador?? Snort.

I don't think that Electro understands what "invincible" means...


OK, I guess Gladiator can be kinda tough.

But wait--there's more!!

Oh, yes...Stilt-Man!! This gets more and more deadly every second!

And the final member of the Emissaries Of Evil?

Holy schneikes! Electro, Gladiator, Matador (snort), Stilt-Man (chortle) and Leap-Frog (guffaw) are "five of the mightiest emissaries of evil ever assembled?" It took you months to put together this collection of losers, Max?!?

Not to worry--Daredevil took them out pretty easily:

Unlike the Sinister Six, the Emissaries Of Evil Must have realized how lame they were, because they never got together again (although a couple of other evil groups adopted the name over the years).

Mark Waid, if you don't bring these guys back before you end your run, I just might cry...

Or maybe Nick Spencer could do a Superior Foes Of Daredevil series. That would be cool...

From Daredevil Annual #1 (1967)


SallyP said...

Yes, they are pathetic...and yet...and yet.

I love ridiculous villains, I really do. Stilt-Man holds a certain place in my heart.

OTL said...

I think a good general rule when recruiting super-villains should be: if you need to fish them out of the river, maybe (just maybe) they're not the most competent person to join your team.

(Of course, Stilt-Man once went up against Thor, which is probably more ridiculous than this team could ever be...)