Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Misguided Attempt To Get Joss Whedon To Stay On The Avengers Franchise?

Instead of making Avengers 3A & 3B be The Infinity War, how about this?

Yes, I know they're not wearing bikinis. What do you want, titles that make sense?

OK, OK, a not-yet-released "Adults only erotic thriller" (their words, not mine) might not be the way to go.

How about a fresh, new idea?
No, no, no.

And again, no.

Let's make one more, desperate attempt:

But how can it be a naked bikini, when naked would mean no bikini, and...

I give up.

That's gotta be Hank Pym as the Masked Avenger, right?

1 comment:

spider-kev said...

I thought Daffy Duck was the Masked Avenger, or was that Eeevenger?