Wednesday, January 21, 2015

That Time Stan And Steranko Did Romance Comics!

Dude, you might not to read this morning's post until you can dig out your lava lamp, put on an Emerson, Lake & Palmer album, and put a little acid in your corn flakes.

Because whatever time it outside, in here it's 1970, and baby, even romance comics are as psychedelic as all hell!

And so began her life of key parties, cocaine, and non-stop groovy...

From Our Love Story #5 (1970). Written by Stan. Drawn, inked, and colored by Steranko. Lettered by Artie Simek. Mind blown by its existence.


SallyP said...

So... so groovy.

Sina said...

So flowery n' fruity...I don't know how/why Steranko's influence hasn't permeated over into more widestream imitation and/or descendants among later & modern artists, even among the more accepting manga genre where romance n' delicacy n' intricacy n' eloquence n' ornateness can b found more often in its soap-y love stories &'d be a refreshing change on the panoramic artistic landscape from all tha blood, gore, guts, tits, ass & muscle ;D