Monday, January 19, 2015

Manic Monday High Five--Space Battle Done Right!!

Look, you can keep your big budget mega-CGI blockbuster flicks.

You can keep them, because they can't match what a freakin' comic book can do.

Astronauts Ian Stannard and Johnny Mack have been contacted by The Galactic Guard, an interstellar peacekeeping group that had secret bases throughout our solar system, protecting us from aliens while waiting for Earth to develop enough to help out.

But there's no more time to wait--the Garrak-Axos from the "Alpha Centauri galaxy" is coming with a huge fleet!!

So let's watch how writer Ken Fitch and artist Jack Sparling do interstellar combat:

Eat that, George Lucas.

From Dell Four Color #1253 (a.k.a. Space Man #1) (1962)

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