Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Who Is The batman Of The 21st Century?!?

If you missed my Friday Night Fights post last week--and shame on you if you did--then you also missed the (re)introduction of the character find of the 21st century:

That's right--The Batman Of The 21st Century!!!

So who is this guy?

Let's look forward, but then flashback...oh, it gets confusing. This story is set in 2050, five years after the nuclear apocalypse...

Well, thank you for the overly-expository thought balloon, sir!

And how does one go from world-class gymnast and doctoral candidate in criminolgy to The Batman Of The 21st Century?

Not just brilliant. Not just spectacular. "Spectacularly brilliant"!!

OK, OK, but that's not enough tragedy for a Batman origin...get to the murdered parents!

(This is as close as we get to an actual name for our hero, as it's never revealed. We just know that his last name is Cohen...)

Well, having your parents murdered by hate gangs after the nuclear holocaust is a pretty good origin, I guess.

But do you know what the coolest part of The Batman Of The 21st Century is??

He operates in New York City, and...

His "Batcave" is inside of the Statue Of Liberty!!

C'mon, DC, you're on the clock to bring this guy back...the nuclear apocalypse is only 30 years away...

From Hex #11 (1986)

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