Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Night Fights--Keep Your Eye On The Foot Style!!

It's the Big Money Prize Fight for this version of Friday Night Fights, and we're going to see a bad guy who never saw it coming!

A squirrely Skrull has captured Ben, Johnny and Sue, so he can force Reed to give him a new invention that has the ability to make the Skrulls the supreme force in the galaxy!!

The dude has Mister Fantastic completely helpless!

Or does he...?


Spacebooger wonders why Skrulls are always so dumb...

The Skrull gets taken out by the long foot of the law in Fantastic Four Annual #15 (1980), by Doug Moench, George Perez (breakdowns), and Chic Stone & John D'Agostino & Mike Esposito (finishes...just don't ask which one did these pages, because I don't know!!)

Now is the time for you to vote for my fight. Why? Ah, no reason. Just go and vote!!


SallyP said...

This is...magnificent! I don't quite know how Reed is still standing, but I guess he has good balance. Also in that last shot, it looks a little like he just hit that Skrull with his...butt?

Oh Comics!

Mista Whiskas said...

This has to be right up there with Reed's defeat of Doom in FF 200

Justin Metzger said...

Generally speaking that black line in the last panel represents Reed's belt. That means he is delivering the coup de grace with his grotesquely bulging testicles. Spoom indeed

Justin Metzger said...
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