Thursday, January 15, 2015


Yeah, Superman didn't have the market cornered on dickery. Because for an alien, Hawkman could bring the Earth-style dickweedery when he needed to.

Example: Black Canary has just moved to Earth-1, and Superman's eager for her to join the JLA.

Ahh, not so fast, says Katar Hol:

Bite me, Hawkman. Do you really think the Justice Society only fought muggers and jay-walkers?

The dude whose only power is floating wings, who uses a mace to beat people up, for heaven's sake--this is the guy who says that superior fighting skill is useless? And he says this in front of Batman?!?!

Not that Batman seems to mind--he's to focused on "we have to protect the pretty lady from hurting herself."


...Dinah's sonic cry chooses that exact moment to manifest for the first time, and she knocks the entire boy's club onto the keisters.

Stuff that in your Nth metal, Katar!

From Justice League Of America #75 (1969)


SallyP said...

Hawkman is indeed a jerk among jerks. And I see nothing recently that has changed my opinion of him.

JohnnyBob said...

If you ever do t-shirts, your first one should be "Stuff That In Your Nth Metal!"

I will endeavour to use the phrase in conversation.

SallyP said...

You really should!

Martin Gray said...

Aw, it was only really in JLA back then that he was a Hawk-Oaf.