Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Night Fights--Professional Style!!

It's an international/time-travel/museum heist/natural disaster/super-hero mashup for this week's Friday Night Fights!

It's 1980, and a time-tossed Captain Canuck is stuck in a small Canadian town, which has been evacuated because it's about to be engulfed by "the forest fire of the century!"

Oh, also in the town? Crooks who've looted the local museum of priceless artifacts and are trying to get away!

Can Captain C stop them, and still get himself (and the beautiful female undercover cop who has been tagging along with him) to the evacuation site in time to avoid being char-broiled?!? Let's watch!

Oh, Canada!!

Spacebooger thinks that if this wasn't a MacGyver plot, it should have been!

Captain Canuck beats the crooks, gets the girl, and rescues everyone from the fire in Captain Canuck #14 (1981), written and drawn and inked by George Freeman, coloured and lettered by Jean-Claude St. Aubin

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Because Canada, dammit!! So go vote! 

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Oculus Orbus said...

When the writing and pencilling duties were both handled by Freeman, CC was one of the best comics of its day. Sadly, that only lasted for a small handful of issues before the comic got cancelled.

On the upside, Freeman got recognized by the Big Two and he got to work on some high-profile comics.

The downside was Captain Canuck never recovered, even after multiple revivals.