Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What If Saturday Night Fever Featured John Travolta Versus A Space Hippie In A Sneaker Battle?

You know whom we haven't checked in with for too long?

Oh, yeah, the venerable AAU Superstar, that's who!!

"Saturn Nite Fever"? From 1978? Oh, this promises to be bad good! Let's watch:

And why does Dirty Sneaker wish to destroy the planet? Well, he's a hippie, so that's why!!

Bonus: "This boogie contest isn't open to boogey men!" Quick, can we do a recount for the Eisner awards?

Kids, this is really what life was like back in 1978...

I must object--"Stayin' Alive" can never be used for evil, it is a song of such sublime beauty. Seriously.

He kicked the guy into orbit!! Wow!!

"Space garbage"?!? Harsh....don't say that to Scotty!

Can we get back to the dancing now?

Man, they're committed to the "shuperstar" pun shtick, aren't they?

Alright, if they wont give me the disco I want and need, I'll have to do it myself:

Or maybe you prefer this version:

I so miss the disco era...

Ad from the back cover of Justice League Of America #160 (1978)

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Sina said...

Re: "I must object--"Stayin' Alive" can never be used for evil, it is a song of such sublime beauty. Seriously." fact, the Dirty Sneaker's plan was doomed to fail from the very start because of that one simple, undeniable and indisputable fact.

For, when the song itself actually began playing, not only would the death-ray itself *refuse* to fire, having instantly gained sentience from the sheer genius that is "Stayin' Alive", but it would also instantly *choose* to become a force for good and instead turn itself upon its creator with a blast of pure benevolence that this former "death ray" is now solely capable of and which would wipe clean any vestige of "dirtiness" from this foul "Dirty Sneaker"...completely vindicating and reforming him in the process as he willfully awaits and undergoes atonement for his past misdeeds.

Such is the power and the majesty that is..."Stayin' Alive".