Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Night Fights--Are You My Mummy? Style!!

It's Friday Night Fights time again, and we're starting this match off with a powerful punch.

Shang-Chi and Moon Knight (!) are on the trail of a mysterious cult that may be kidnapping prospective new members. And they may be using the island which was the former headquarters of the magnificently mad Mordillo as their headquarters. An island chock full of weirdness.

Yes, those are talking robot bats.

With a lisp. 



Lots of mummies!!

Lots of robot mummies!!

Lots of robot mummies with LASER BEAM EYES!!

Oh, it is on!!

Ah, those sounds effects...

Spacebooger would like you to know that Moon Knight is actually a good character, albeit one who has been mishandled in 98.7% of his appearances...

Moon Knight and Shang-Chi go all Scorpion King on robot mummies with laser eyes in Moon Knight Special #1 (1992) by Doug Moench, Art Nichols and Chris Ivy.

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? ROBOT MUMMIES WITH LASER EYES!! So go vote!!

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ShadowWing Tronix said...

"For a good time call Cleo, Queen Of Denial". Okaaay.