Monday, August 12, 2013

Manic Monday--The Great Butterfly Plague!!

Nyoka and her dad are visiting an outpost in the Indian jungle, but they're denied a hunting permit?


"Seven year plague"? Sounds nasty!!

"Deadly jungle butterflies"?!? "Destroying all forms of plant and animal life"??

We are talking butterflies, right? Are these baby Mothras, or what? Because that's not how butterflies work...

Oh, and they spread sickness, too.

This might nature's way of telling you not to live here...

Fortunately, Nyoka and her dad are American, and they know how to deal with pesky nature!

But there's jungle in the way!!

Yes, let's just blaze a freakin' path through the jungle--just like the butterflies you're trying to fight!

Well, after a long misadventure involving a rogue elephant preventing their jungle clearing plan, the get their road made...just in the nick of time!!

Yes, they look so vicious and dangerous...

Yay!! Making a species extinct is fun!! And let's not worry about cleaning up those dangerous chemicals!!

Yeah, yeah, now where the hell are our hunting permits?!?

From Nyoka The Jungle Girl #60 (1950)

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The Hill said...

"I'm pretty sure we didn't kill all of the other insects that live in your jungle."