Saturday, August 24, 2013

One Brief, Shining Moment

There are short-lived super-teams, and then there are these guys:

Man, these guys make the Champions look like the Justice Society Of America...

A dweeb in a suit, the lamest Inhuman (which is saying something), a hot alien, Attuma's daughter, a man-eating villain, and a former hobo.

(More specifically, for the Marvel-impaired, it's Stingray, Triton, Tamara, Andromeda, Tiger Shark, and Namor)

"Deep Six" existed for less then one issue. In Namor #58 (1995), they banded together to find the missing Namor, who had been accused of crimes on the surface world. They found him, fought the Avengers for about 30 seconds, and more or less immediately disbanded.

This pin-up, drawn by regular Namor artist Geof Isherwood, appeared in Namor Annual #4 (1994). That issue hit the stands six months before Deep Six debuted. Perhaps at the time Isherwood thought they were going to be around a little bit longer than a cameo, justifying a pin-up. I do feel bad that they designed a logo and everything for the lamest, shortest-lived, most ad hoc team ever.

Oh, and it was Stingray who came up with the name Deep Six. Like I said, dweeb.


SallyP said...

Geez, I don't remember this at all!
And probably for a very good reason.

Michael May said...

I would buy every issue of that for as long as Marvel cared to publish it.

snell said...

Sadly, that wouldn't be very many issues. Although Marvel is decidedly more adventurous these days...