Sunday, August 18, 2013

Super-Hero Comics Have Gone To The Dogs!

I am sooo bored with modern super-hero comics!!

I'm sick of Marvel, tired of DC, the others aren't doing anything for me...oh, what could ever relieve my ennui?


Now, that's more like it!!

How about some origins?

Budderball--Super Strength!!


Rosebud--Super Speed!!

B-Dawg (really...B-Dawg?!?)--Super Stretch!!

Buddha--Super Mind Control!!

And of course, the mentor who trained them to use their powers:

Captain Canine!!

Look, you may be mocking this as a silly promotional pamphlet for the latest entry in the never-ending series of Air Bud sequels and spin-offs and etc.

But let me remind you: this is Disney.

Who owns Marvel.

And we are just one heartbeat away the Super Buddies/Pet Avengers crossover that you never knew that you wanted more than anything else in the universe.

And those "Rings of Inspiron" look kinda sorta like Infinity Gems, no...?