Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DC In 1978 Was The Bizzaro Version Of DC 2013

Let us check out a blast from the past, a time when things at DC were a little bit different:

Wait...DC had letters pages?

Wait...DC cared about, and actually solicited, fan opinon?

Wait...DC actually gave fans what they wanted?

Wait...DC listened to fan wishes to bring back a long absent fan favorite female character, and the co-publisher didn't stall opine that they didn't want to "rush" to re-introduce her, that they were waiting for her "to emerge naturally"???

Truly, this must have come from Bizarro world!!

Anyhoo, back to the fan poll. Interesting that Zatanna crushed the competition so handily, getting more votes than #2 & #3 combined.

Captain Comet #2? Really? Today he's pretty much a forgotten character, but I guess that back in 1978 he was pretty popular. His starring role in Secret Society Of Super-Villains certainly helped here, I'm sure...

Black Lightning and Supergirl were in a virtual tie. Kara received more 1st place votes, but Jefferson had deeper support, receiving a fair amount more total votes. Interesting.

I'm a bit surprised that Metamorpho didn't finish higher...

Who else might of gotten votes? It's interesting, because in 1978 a lot of people we'd think of as obvious candidates were a) relegated to Earth-2 or Earth-S or Earth-X pre-Crisis; or b) hadn't been created yet...no Outsiders, no Infinity Inc members, no "new" Titans...

Firestorm was pretty new, but he wasn't that much newer than Black Lightning...who else is left, that wasn't already a member? Creeper? Orion? One of the Metal Men? Adam Strange? Swamp Thing? Shade? One of the sidekicks? Surely I'm forgetting someone...

Hey, Bob Rozakis, if you're reading this, I'd love to see that "complete tally." Got one laying around?

From Justice League Of America #160 (1978)


Kent G. Hare said...

I'm about to make the obvious rejoinder ... Reading DC from the late 1960s forward, I consider you to have it backwards. DC 2013 is the Bizzaro version.

Dale Bagwell said...

I agree, especially since DC is anything but reader and fan-friendly despite the load of bull Dan Didio and friends try to sell us. Makes wish we could replace 2013 DC with 1978 DC quick like, and yes, w/o the infamous DC Implosion of course;)