Monday, August 19, 2013

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Will Man Find The Key To Eternal Life?

A good question.

And by the way, that's a great picture from artist Karen Karol.

But the actual idea? Let's explore some excerpts from the text piece by "H. MacLeod Kensington, B.S." (presumably emphasis on the "BS").

Well, standard sea level air pressure is actually 15 psi, Dr. Drummond, not 20, so we're already on shaky ground, scientifically. And at 1 psi, well, you'd be dead from hypoxia or edema. Not quite eternal life, doc.

Yeah, Earth food sucks!! Damn that water and roughage!! Damn the need for proteins and sugars!! And damn having to cook food!!! Earth sucks!!

Yes, because humans never fear things they shouldn't...

Immunity from death? Don't tell Thanos!!

Ah, but of course, we would have to alter our political landscape...

No crime!! No poverty or wealth!! Taxes replaced by voluntary contributions!!

Are you sure that we talking about Earthlings, here?

From Planet Comics #27 (1943)

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