Monday, August 5, 2013

Manic Guardians Monday #6--Planet Of The What, Now?

I know what you're saying..."The Guardians Of The Galaxy can't be a legitimate future-set science fiction title until they encounter the Planet Of The know, a planet that takes on 20 century Earth trends and bases an entire culture on it, taking it to a crazy extreme!"

Look, Guardians Of The Galaxy would never be that schlocky.

Sure, Lost In Space did encounter Space Hippies (twice). But Guardians Of The Galaxy was no Lost In Space.

Sure, Star Trek did have a planet base it's entire culture on Roaring Twenties Chicago. But Guardians Of The Galaxy isn't so unimaginative.

And yeah, Star Trek did it again with a planet that based themselves on Nazi Germany. Really?

But the Guardians Of The Galaxy was serious stuff, bro. They would never do anything so transparently cheap, never make so flagrant an attempt to cash in, never...


Never mind.

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