Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why Batman And Spider-Man Never Show Up For Bail Hearings!!

You know, we all think that we're so clever and post-modern, with our "deconstructing" super-heroes, and questioning how they could ever operate in the real world, etc.

Well, guys, I hate to burst your granfalloon bubbles, byt comics were actually there long, long before you were born.

Take, for example, Wildcat:

He's just beat the crap out of some thugs who were trying to destroy his pals' restaurant.

And, get this, he actually shows up for the bail hearing!!

But lawyers--and the real world--rear their ugly heads!


Double d'oh!!

So, yeah, Golden Age comics were asking those "Oh, look at me I'm so clever because I can point out  that super-heroes wouldn't work in the world" questions 75 years ago.

So deconstruct that, why don't you.

(Still, did you have to shatter that window, Wildcat? That's our tax dollars at work, there...)

From Comic Cavalcade #2 (1943)

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SallyP said...

Oh Ted. You just HAD to go and jump through a window.

I bet that Jay shows up at any and all court hearings though.