Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Big In Japan!!

So, even though we're 2 years past Fox's most recent attempts at a Fantastic Four movie, Marvel is still as tenacious as a wood tick on their policy of refusing to let anyone anywhere acknowledge that the FF actually exist.

Heck, even as recently as yesterday, Marvel is yanking FF licences away, as the forum for the Marvel Heroes game announced. Because heaven forbid that anybody even be able play the FF as characters in an online game!!

No, I will never, ever stop agitating about this rank stupidity.

So time to fight fire with fire: here's an economic reason Marvel should bring back the Fantastic Four!

Yes, they're big in Japan. 

C'mon, Marvel--127 million Japanese fans can't be wrong!!

From Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big In Japan #1 (2005)

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Warren JB said...

Hey Snell. It's not an appearance, but check out the name-drop in yesterday's Spider-Man daily strip: