Saturday, June 10, 2017

Spoiler Saturday--You Really Should Be Reading Hawkeye!

A simple primer on why you should be reading Hawkeye:

Kate Bishop has come to the penthouse of a swanky building for a meeting with a crime lord. Fun ensues (click to on the panels to embiggen to full ass-kicking size):

Slow clap for artist Leonardo Romero and writer Kelly Thompson.

Kate Bishop--Don't mess with her, OK?

From Hawkeye #7 (2017)


Madman said...

Read "Hawkeye"?
I'd rather not spend the money. It's just another re-gendering re-racializing pandering from Marvel. Same skills, same colors, same name -- just a different gender.

No thanks.

snell said...

"Good comic" trumps all of those, IMHO.

Mista Whiskas said...

Can't agree more! I'll add that re-imagining superheroes is as old as the genre, it's just become controversial now when it adds re-imagining gender, race or what have you to the practice. One person's 'pandering' is another's 'long standing practice sans avoiding several traditionally ignored potential areas for the practice.'