Monday, June 12, 2017

Manic Monday--Alan Scott's Fists Of Fury!!

Many people seem to take the Golden Age/Earth-2 Green Lantern, Alan Scott, a little too lightly.

Well, we're here to disabuse you of any notions that he might be the more genteel of DC's emerald crime-fighters.

He's got a crook whom he needs information from...

Yow--shake that fist, Alan!!

Later in the same story, when hoodlums have the drop on him:

"Yeh--It's raining FISTS!"

You know who you don't mess with? The fists of Green Lantern!!

DC seriously needs a The Fists Of Alan Scott, Green Lantern series, stat!

From Comic Cavalcade #2 (1943)

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John Hennings said...

I think Geoff Johns reasserted in his JSA run that Jay Garrick was the kind, fun, grandfatherly gentleman, and Alan was the stern, no-nonsense, old tough guy. I think your posts today show that he didn't invent that characterization.