Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Counter-Espionage Is Really Easy, It Seems!

Yesterday, we saw that was very easy to get a Soviet spy to reveal themselves:

Just slap them, and they respond with 100% authentic Russian swear words like "Piogvitch!"

Well, it turns out that Nazi spies weren't much smarter.

Diana Prince and Steve Trevor are in Boston, investigating rumors of German saboteurs planning to attack the shipyards. While searching for a lost boy (side mission), Diana has become suspicious of a particular delicatessen, and what do you know--she's right!

"Look" like Germans?!? I'm not sure what that means. But Diana has a pretty foolproof way to test them out:

Geez Louise, Nazis are pretty stupid, huh? "Heil Hitler! OOPS!"?!?!?

So, counter-intelligence is terrible easy--just trick the spies into blurting out something from their own language!!

More on the Nazi delicatessen later today...

From Comic Cavalcade #1 (1942)

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