Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How Not To Lose Your Job To Automation, Ozymandias Style!!

Worried about losing your jobs to automation, or to computers?

Than this story is for you!!

Dave Bartlett was an old-school pilot in the not too distant future:

Ah, but no job is immune for obsolescence, is it?

And so Dave retires...

But just a couple of months later, a mysterious visitor arrives!

Well, that's quite a conundrum, because none of these spoiled young pilots have the first clue how to fly manually!

Fortunately, poor Dave hasn't been forgotten!

Well, after a particularly arduous journey, Dave succeeds in the mars round trip, no doubt pleasing Zarkorr and saving our species!

And things work out pretty well for Dave, too!

Ah, but surely there's an ironic twist coming, right?


So, if you're about to lose your job, fake an alien invasion, and everything will be all right!!

From Tales Of Suspense #35 (1962)


Mista Whiskas said...

You didn't need Dave's excellent eyesight to see that twist coming!

googum said...

Every first contact with earth, for the next thousand years: "Hey, did Zarkorr test you guys too?" "...what?"

CalvinPitt said...

Oh sure, the one time an alien visitor shows up and the military DOESN'T try and destroy him only to end up being completely outclassed, it turns out to be a hoax. Isn't that just the luck?

Paul Smith said...

Wow, tractors in 2065 look sweet!