Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Satanic Romance Comics!!

Remember when Daimon Hellstrom was "The Son Of Satan?" Before Marvel wussed out and decided that they couldn't mention the "real" Satan anymore, so Daimon became the son of some other demon pretending to Satan? Lame.

Anyway, did you ever wonder how Satan and Daimon's mom hooked up? Sure you have--and it's a tale worthy of a romance comic:

Seriously, that's how Daimon learned his true parentage--reading the diary of his deceased mom. Helluva a thing, no?

Anyhoo, we have the standard chance meeting...

OK, "handsome" in a Herb Trimpe sorta way...

Yup, pretty much the same as any romance comic!!

Crying Daimon Hellstrom is the best Daimon Hellstrom!!

Domestic bliss ensued...

Maybe there was a Girl Scout merit badge for animal sacrifice?!?!

OK, so who hasn't gotten involved with someone who later turned out to be completely evil? Hands?

I thought so.

From Marvel Spotlight #13 (1974)


Mista Whiskas said...

Interesting that he has the same looking fire covering effect as Johnny Storm.

George Chambers said...

So... didn't her husband's insistence that their daughter be named "Satana" tip her off? And did Satana have to sacrifice a cat to Dad every time she wanted her allowance?

Paul Smith said...

If your house is next to Fire Lake you're going to attract that element.