Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Now You Understand Why We Wanted Our MTV!

I know, some of you young whipper-snappers are asking, "How did you old folks survive prior to MTV? How did you get your recommended daily allowance of music videos, live performances, and rock star news, without a 24/7 cable channel?"

The answer, my friends, is: pay $8 apiece (or more) for reels of film to play on your 8mm home projector!!

Sure, it was hella expensive, and the selection wasn't too great, but it beat waiting around for American Bandstand or Ed Sullivan or Top Of The Pops or whatever to show what you wanted!!

I have to ask, though...as great as the Beatles were--35 films of them, and only 2 of Bowie? Only one of The Who? Shameful!!

Ad from Betty & Veronica #216 (1973)

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Paul Smith said...

Famous Monsters of Filmland had ads for 6-minute Super 8 format versions of horror/sci-fi movies as well. This was before cable of course and damn was it good!