Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Best Cover You've Never Seen--Tales Of Suspense #34 (1962)

You all are gonna call me crazy, but I absolutely love this kind of cover:

Yeah, yeah, I know.

But A) It's Kirby pencils inked by Ditko!! C'mon, man!!

B) There's room for all kinda nutsy-style covers in this crazy comic book world. No, I wouldn't want every cover to be like this, but there should be room for things like this!

C) The whole point of a cover is to sell the book to the customer, by catching her eye, and telling her what the story is. This cover does that in spades, unlike the all too frequent generic/homage/special gimmick covers of today, which often have absolutely zero to do with what's going on inside the book!!

BONUS: The cover is (mostly) accurate, as crazy old Elias Poole has indeed found a magic blue glass bottle, which can shrink and capture people. Where did he find it? (Note--interior inks by Dick Ayers)

Oh, but Poole has big plans for his little bottle!

Hah, take that, Goldfinger!!

I'm not sure why you'd want to do that, but sure, make your own Potemkin village!

But wait--there's more!!

Before anyone cries science foul, this was all from Poole's fetid imagination--we have no idea whether the jar could actually do anything more than shrink folks, as Poole died in one of those really ironic deaths typical of horror stories.

Anyway, love that cover...


top_cat_james said...
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top_cat_james said...

Gold Key experimented with the "story continued inside" covers for THE FLINTSTONES #10 - #15, and DONALD DUCK #86 - #91 the following year.