Monday, June 19, 2017

Manic Monday--Elvis On Ed Sullivan, But 10 Years Earlier And With Captain Marvel!!

Ahh, nothing is so fine as to find a prescient comic book...

See, it's 1946, and station WHIZ is ready to enter the crazy mixed up world of television!

But they have a bit of a problem...

Ah, but one of Billy Batson's teeny adventures winds up with Captain Marvel on camera, and:

But what can he do besides stand around and look pretty?



(What, early TV comedians wore top hats?!?!)

Hey--how about singing?

Oh, dear!

And so...

Even poor Billy is getting the short end of the fascination of American women for the Big Red Cheese's singing!

It's a disturbing nationwide phenomenon!!

Fortunately, a jealous rival crooner (!!) slip Cap a vocal mickey, and gives him laryngitis!

Oh, man, Marvel completely choked his first TV appearance! I guess he's no Elvis!!

At least he has his crime-fighting career to fall back on...or did, until DC decided to abandon him again...

From Captain Marvel Adventures #54 (1946)

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