Monday, June 5, 2017

Manic Monday Bonus--Hulk Hates Robots!!

Tyrannus (the most boring villain ever) has sent his strongest warrior, Mogul, to recruit the Hulk for his war against the Mole Man.

Is there any concept more likely to induce sleep than the war between Tyrannus and Mole Man? I'd almost rather read about the Inhumans. Almost.


Well, after a long fight scene, Hulk finally accepts the offer of friendship!

And they become fast pals.

But when the attack on Mole Man's fortress begins...


Hulk doesn't buy the "robots are people, too" argument!

Well, then...

Vision, Jocasta, Machine Man, H.E.R.B.I.E., et al., you should probably avoid hanging around old Jade Jaws--he's racist against robots!!

From Incredible Hulk #127 (1970)


Green Luthor said...

Hm, nothing more sleep-inducing than the war between Tyrannus and Mole Man? Maybe we should take our minds off that by checking in on the newspaper strip version of Spider-Man, and... oh, dear.

(Yep, newspaper strip Spider-Man is actually currently running a story about Tyrannus having deposed Mole Man from his underground kingdom. If you thought that story was dull before, trying taking it in three panels a day, where at least one panel is usually just recapping the story so far. Fun!)

Mista Whiskas said...

My arms could still pummel you, but I won't raise them against you- from a ripped in half guy being held aloft-yeah, right Mogol. Sure.

SallyP said...

Yeah... but it does still beat the Inhumane.

Paul Smith said...

That's why I've alwasy been pretty "meh" about the ending of Edward Scisscorhands. He's a robot already, he's not really feeling anything.

George Chambers said...

Odd piece of characterisation for the Hulk. At this time, he was generally written as a sympathetic character, misunderstood by those who feared his wrath, who then ended up incurring same. Here, though, it was Mogol who was the sympathetic character, and Hulk taking the place of those who had oppressed him for so long.

John Hennings said...

Isn't it the deception Hulk really hates? Of course, he does dismiss the idea of robot sentience out of hand, so he's certainly contemptuous, if not hateful.

George's point on the ironic role-reversal is spot-on.