Sunday, June 18, 2017

Clark Kent--Not As Popular As John Travolta!!

Do you know why 1970s Superman was the best Superman?

Because of this:

Clark Kent's fan club (!!) has shanghaied him to a nearby disco...

Sorry...part of that panel was cut out...perils of the Quarter Bin!

Clark is going to judge a disco dancing contest!!

But of course... employee from a rival disco (!!!) has planted a bomb!!

And, now that he's stuck judging this contest, he can't stop the bomb!!

Well, there is only one solution:

And now, the greatest moment in comic book history:

O. M. G.

Well, you'd think that such a stunt might imperil his secret identity...or at least his meek and mild-mannered image:

Fortunately, fame is fleeting...

But Clark still has one fan:


From Superman Family #196 (1979)