Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Yankee Gorilla!!

Finally, the greatest Golden Age find of all--Yankee Gorilla!!

The mighty warrior ape whose daring exploits served as an inspiration in the war effort!!

Ladies and gentleman--YANKEE GORILLA!!

...never mind.

Man, you just know that Silver Age DC would have gotten that right.

Still, for a mere human being, Yankee Guerrilla sure put the fear into the Nazis:

Sadly, this was Yankee Guerrilla's only appearance.

Hopefully, Rebirth will publish a Yankee Gorilla title, in which we learn that after being captured, macabre medical experiments transformed Yankee Guerrilla into an actual gorilla, who escaped and continued to fight the Nazis behind the lines in his ape form...

From Crack Comics #26 (1942)


Michael May said...

You got my hopes all up. :(

snell said...

Sorry, bro...

Michael May said...

Just another example of why you should be in charge. :D